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About Candor

At the beginning of its founding, Candor Kaiteng Electric Appliance has been focusing on product research and development, committed to technological innovation, focusing on the core refrigeration technology as the basis of the enterprise.

In its infant stage, Candor focused on the research and development of products and continuous innovation of technology to develop the business based on the core technology of refrigeration. 

Candor has a strong pedigree in technology R&D supported by more than 50 technical talents. At present, we have developed nearly 70 wine cabinets and established over 80 patented projects to meet the needs of each subdivided consumer market with a wide range of product lines.

Since our establishment, we have been rated as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong, Zhongshan engineering technology research and development center, Zhongshan municipal enterprise

technology center and Guangdong's name brand producer to meet the changing needs for the technology and quality of the products in the international market.

We are going to build three industrial workshops (5 floors) and an intelligent comprehensive office building (6 floors) in the industrial park covering a floor area of over 100,000 square meters in a

50-mu industrial land purchased in Nantou Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. After the completion of the project, the logistics in the industrial park will operate more rationally and

reasonably to streamline the manufacturing process. 


Candor has focused on product development and development to create brand value.

After the completion of the industrial park, Candor will appear with a brand-new corporate image and strength. At that time, Candor can achieve an annual output of 1.5 million wine cabinets and become the largest producer of wine cabinets in China with the highest production capacity, the highest degree of modernization, the most complete product range and the most abundant functional configuration.


We are always full of passion which is the source of the pleasant experience customers experience when using Candor products. 


We are proud to be able to break through the barrier of product performance and set new standards. We are proud of everything we have done, which also ensures that we can continue to

create a good experience for our customers. 


We persist in pursuing excellence and the enterprise commitment to ensure smooth and sustainable business development. Through unremitting attention and translating our initial pursuit into customer recognition, we uphold this insistence. 


Zhongshan Candor Electric Appliance Co., Ltd, founded in 2004 as a professional manufacturer of semiconductor refrigeration and compressor refrigeration products, is one of the major

domestic suppliers of refrigeration products, and is also an earlier manufacturer of semiconductor refrigeration technology in China.

In July 2003, Zhongshan Candor Electric Appliance Co., Ltd was established 
In September 2004, we began to produce semiconductor refrigerators 
In June 2006, we began to produce compressor refrigerators 
In December 2007, we delivered more than 900,000 sets of refrigerators per year and was rated as a high-tech enterprise
In 2008, we developed red wine cabinets, which has developed into more than 80 models now
In 2009, we started OEM cooperation with major enterprises such as Midea, Haier, Hisense, Zhigao, etc. 
In 2010, we were rated as the top 100 employers in Zhongshan between 2009 and 2010 
In 2011, we were rated as "Guangdong Private Science and Technology Enterprise" 
In 2012, we developed the ultra-low temperature and ultra-high temperature storage cabinets whcih was patented by the state 
In 2013, we were rated as "A-level Taxpayer" by Zhongshan City and passed the acceptance inspection for the national third-class enterprises 
In 2014, we invested in intelligent production equipment to improve the production efficiency of the factory 
In 2016, our semiconductor electronic wine cabinets were rated as "The name brand in Guangdong" 
In 2017, we will spend RMB 300 million building new factories and production equipment In 2018, more than 900 employees will be moved to new factories, covering an area of over 100,000 square meters