After Sale Policy

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We improve your service experience with good attitude and devote ourselves to products and integrated services! 

We define the brand model by studying the business mode to provide excellent service integration solutions, so that customers can develop in the long run and become more competitive. A new

enterprise needs good signs and good service attitude to help improve the overall competitiveness of the enterprise. We focus on customer service and will make overall planning and integration for your consumption experience and strive to create a solid consumption experience for you. 

Online sales:

The above service effectiveness is as follows:

The above after-sales service is limited to one year's service after receiving the company's wine cabinet and three years' service for the compressor. 

After the warranty period:

Post-warranty service: After the warranty period expires, the on-site maintenance service and accessories will be paid by the user. Our national after-sales service partner is Shenzhen Zhongqigong Unprofor Appliance Service Co., Ltd.


Online Sales: Contact the platform store where the order belongs for registration and then place an order for on-site maintenance service through the factory

after-sales specialist. 

Offline retail:

Offline retail: The customer directly contacted 400-initiated phone numbers and

the factory after-sales specialist directly issue the on-site maintenance service

order. The repair service people will contact the customer for on-site repair within 72 hours after the on-site repair service order is issued ( if any parts need to be

replaced, the calculation of service time limit will begin after the service people

receives the parts).