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Brand Logo: The logo of Candor brand is a modern simple oak image composed of the English word Candor (for short: Oak of letter). It is novel and trendy in simple and plumpy shape. 


Creative Description: Oak symbolizes eternity, firmness and permanence. Oak barrels are mainly used for red wine storage, implying the history and starting point of Candor's rise from the

production of red wine cabinets. This symbol implies that Candor promotes the progress of science and technology and the improvement of management with the spirit of dedication and

persistence, and express deep love for customers, society, team and family to create value for customers and inspire love of life. 

Candor has focused on product development and development to create brand value.

The company has set up R&D center, built six performance testing laboratories and noise laboratories that meet international standards, and comprehensively upgraded the

demonstration ability of new product development. To provide customers with better products and new life experience brought by products. After the completion of the industrial park, Kate

(Kate) appliances will face the society with a brand new corporate image and strength. At that time, Kaiteng (Kaide) Electric can achieve an annual output of 1.5 million wine cabinets to

become China's largest production capacity, the highest degree of modernization, the most complete range of products, the most functional configuration of the wine cabinet exhibition



We are always full of passion which is the source of the pleasant experience customers experience when using Candor products. 


We are proud to be able to break through the barrier of product performance and set new standards. We are proud of everything we have done, which also ensures that we can continue to

create a good experience for our customers.


We persist in pursuing excellence and the enterprise commitment to ensure smooth and sustainable business development. Through unremitting attention and translating our initial pursuit

into customer recognition, we uphold this insistence.