Focus on scene design and intelligent preservation for upgrading refrigerator industry

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Focus on scene design and intelligent preservation for upgrading refrigerator industry

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In the face of the slow growth of the refrigerator market, high-end upgrading has become a common option for industry enterprises. In promoting the process of high-end, many enterprises will focus on these two points: one is to raise prices, the second is the concept of packaging. As we all know, price increases are the result rather than the means, and concept hype is not conducive to the sustainable growth of the brand.
So, how should the high-end road of the refrigerator industry go? During a visit to the 50th Anniversary Product Science and Technology Exhibition of the United States Group, the author saw an answer with great enlightenment value to the industry: user-centered, to achieve "scene + technology" two-wheel drive.
Two major misconceptions of high-end
As for the refrigerator market, in the past two years, there have been two basic characteristics: first, after the universal dividend disappeared, the demand for new products has become the dominant force in the market; second, sales growth has slowed down while sales have steadily increased.
The total retail sales of 33.76 million refrigerators nationwide in 2017 were 0.6% lower than the previous year, and 93.9 billion yuan, an increase of 3.9% over the same period.
The trend of volume increase has also extended to the first half of 2018. The total sales of the refrigerator industry reached 16 million units in the first half of the year, with an overall growth of 0.8%, and the overall demand remained stable. The total sales reached 54.9 billion yuan, an overall growth of 7.1%.
From the data point of view, the increase in the average price of refrigerators has led to steady growth in sales, which is also a direct manifestation of high-end refrigerators. From the industry point of view, upgrading and upgrading of the structure has become the main theme of the development of the refrigerator industry.
However, Nail Technologies has noticed that there are still two major misunderstandings in the face of how to promote high-end upgrading.
First, price increases are high-end. This is clearly the fallacious logic of reciprocal consequences: it is high-end that brings about price increases, not high-end that price increases can bring. Under the guidance of this wrong thinking, some enterprises raise the price of products without obvious technological upgrade, design upgrade and service upgrade. The result is the decline of user experience and the loss of brand reputation. The high-end can only be reduced to the internal language of the enterprise, and the users have no perception of it. Identification.
Second, it is considered that a new concept means high-end. The background of this wrong thinking is the outbreak of new technologies and concepts such as IoT, AI, smart family, etc. The unfamiliarity with new things makes them feel great anxiety and relieves anxiety and caters to the market by packaging new concepts. The biggest problem is that there is no genuine innovation and upgrading of products based on user needs, and there is no genuine mastery of core
technological capabilities to build a competitive moat, resulting in a disconnect between concepts and actual scenarios, between assumptions and capabilities, and ultimately either being abandoned by users or being hit in the competition. Collapse, high-end, like sandcastle on the castle is easy to collapse.
High price does not mean high-end, the concept does not mean high-end, then the refrigerator industry, how to carry out the road to high-end? This common problem in the refrigerator industry needs to be answered.
Regression scenario and technology
The exploration and practice of leading enterprises play an important role in promoting the solution of common problems in the industry. Recently, I visited the 50th Anniversary of the United States Group Products Science and Technology Exhibition, paying special attention to a series of display of its refrigerator products, saw the United States in the high-end of the two key measures.
First of all, the author has two impressions: first, highlight the scene, such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom and other real-life scene display products and technologies; second, highlight the core technology of differentiation, such as industrial Internet, robotics and automation, AI intelligence.
Scene-based product design + differentiation of the core technology, which constitutes the United States refrigerator and even the United States of the entire product system of high-end development path of the two key support.
In the product technology exhibition, the author noticed the beautiful display of high-end embedded refrigerators U600, U905 and Chinese kitchen BCD750 refrigerator, will "scene + technology" high-end characteristics of a vivid embodiment.
First of all, embedded design is perfectly integrated into the high-end life scenes of modern kitchens. For high-end users, household appliances design can not simply consider from the functional dimension, but from the integration of the overall home environment to consider how to layout. U600, U905 embedded design, in line with the trend of modern home design, refrigerator and cabinet integration design, not only the effective use of space, more importantly, enhance the design of the kitchen aesthetic.
Secondly, the 3D assembly structure realizes personalized on-demand customization. U600 as a fully embedded vertical refrigeration split refrigerator, to achieve the 3D assembly mechanism design, according to the user kitchen, cabinet size and storage needs of items, personalized assembly assembly; U905 as a kitchen embedded in the split-door refrigerator, interior parts can also achieve assembly design, western Zhejiang is the era of traditional refrigerators It is unthinkable and impossible to do.
Thirdly, intelligent preservation technology is widely used, and the ability of science and technology to protect the core needs of users. The author noticed that the U600 refrigerator not only carried the technology of micro-crystal fresh in one week, but also added the function of intelligent voice interaction, realized the speech recognition of micro-crystal fresh in one week, and formed the closed-loop interactive experience of input, setting, control, management, early warning and deletion of micro-crystal fresh in one week. U905 not only carries a microcrystalline one week fresh technology.
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